Chaga Extract (Inonotus obliquus)

Triple Extracted Chaga

Medicinal MushroomsImmune boosting*

Chaga MushroomAdaptogenic*

Immune BoostingLab tested for purity

Rich in complex beta glucans and betulinic acid, concentrated in birch grown sclerotia, Chaga is renowned for its antioxidant and immune stimulating properties.*

Chaga has been used in traditional medicine for more than 1000 years that we are aware of and probably much longer. Learn more on our medicinal mushrooms page.

Chaga contains a unique array of complex beta glucans which can support a healthy immune system.

beta glucans
Learn more about beta glucans

Wild harvested from birch trees in the pristine forests of North America, we triple extract this freshly dried Chaga through a progressive process to obtain the complete range of its immune-supportive elements. 

Medicinal MushroomsHigh quality, easy to absorb liquid extract.

Chaga mushroomWild harvested in North America.

immune boostingMade with care in Eugene Oregon.

Our Chaga extract is easy to incorporate into your wellness routine. Simply place a dropper or two in the bottom of a glass and then add your favorite beverage. As you pour in the beverage it blends them together. We often mix Chaga extract with tea, orange juice, or coffee.

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