Our Story


Welcome to Profungi, where we work everyday building wellness—yours and ours. Located in Eugene Oregon, we are a family owned company striving to make the highest quality extracts possible.

Why? Because quality of life is important to us.

Staying healthy and having the energy to do the things we love are essential to our quality of life. We passionately believe that the extracts we make are key to supporting a healthy immune system* in a world where new chemicals, pollution, evolving bacteria, and viruses appear on a near-daily basis.

Every ingredient we use is the best we can find. Our mushrooms, herbs, and propolis are either organically grown in the Pacific Northwest or wild harvested in North America. The pharmaceutical grade alcohol, bottles, and labels we use all come from US companies. This is important to us because it supports the local economy, small organic farms, and regional businesses. It also reduces the impact of global transportation on our environment.

Working with a wide array of medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and bee products, we are constantly in awe of their complexity and potency. From organically grown Reishi and Echinacea, cultivated Bee propolis to ethically wild-harvested Red Belted Conk, we use the highest quality ingredients we can (read more in the Ingredients section).

Striving for quality in our methods to match that of our ingredients, we have developed our own unique Ultrasonic extraction process to harvest and preserve the complete spectrum of complex medicinal components from our hot water extracts.

We've been making extracts for ourselves, our kids, and our friends for over a decade. Encouraged by all of these wonderful people, we have now worked through all of the FDA compliance guidelines and current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) to make these medicinal extracts available for everyone who finds that our products help support their immune systems* and live more fulfilling lives.