Immune boosting medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and bee propolis

Immune boosting extracts of medicinal mushrooms and herbs.

Immune Boosting

Welcome to Profungi, where we work everyday building wellness—yours and ours.

medicinal mushrooms
Mushroom Extracts

We are a small family owned company in Eugene Oregon. The high-quality extracts of organic medicinal mushrooms and herbs we produce can play a crucial role in building your wellness and quality of life.*

Medicinal mushrooms High quality, easy to absorb liquid extracts.

Holistic Health Ingredients from Pacific NW farms and producers.

Immune boosting mushrooms Made with care in Eugene Oregon.

Profungi Independent lab tested for purity.

Medicinal mushrooms

Building wellness means; increasing your resilience and ensuring that all of the systems which keep you healthy and happy are well supported. At Profungi we begin every day building our wellness with the extracts we make before we set off to see where the day’s journey will take us.

Immune boosting

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Making extracts of medicinal mushrooms and herbs an integral part of your holistic health plan is simple. Keep your bottle of extract easily accessible, so it's simple to add to your favorite morning or evening beverage.  Use a single extract like Chaga or one of our blends daily to build your immunity as well as help support and balance essential body systems.

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Check out our pages about medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and our Extraction process to learn more about what we do.